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    Ain't It Cool News Reviews the So Super Duper Complete Collection

    Ain't It Cool News, arguably the biggest pop culture site on the internet, has reviewed the So Super Duper Complete Collection! There's a wonderfully funny interview with So Super Duper creator, writer and artist, Brian Andersen, himself, and the review follows. What is especially thrilling for me, is that out of all the back-up stories that were chosen to be included in the collection, mine was specifically mentioned!

    "It must be said, “Pride Goeth” by Kevenn T. Smith and Ray Caspio has got me thinking that Smith would be a perfect fit for an ongoing series. His perfectly pulpy pencils are a nice fit for such a fun story--just sayin’."

    The So Super Duper Complete Collection is a delightful read, and you can go here to buy either a print version (which utilizes a high quality paper, so the print version is gorgeously produced) or a digital pdf file of the collection.


    WonderCon 2011 Wrap-Up

    I had an amazing time at WonderCon!  I got to meet so many people who were more than nice and see some great talent there.  I'd say it was an absolute success.  Thanks to all who came by the booth and supported us.  I made 3 artcards right before WonderCon, and one of them sold, and I wanted to spotlight them here.  First up is Psyche from Brian Andersen's So Super Duper.  This image is now available as cards, prints and Posters at!

    4.25 x 5.5 inches cardstock.

    Pencil, ink, Prismacolor pencil.

    ©Kevenn T. Smith 2011

    Speaking of So Super Duper, I had the opportunity to go by Whatever Comics in the Castro, and issue #11 of So Super Duper with my 10 page back-up story was on display in the front window!  You can't miss the hot pink cover:

    Issue #11 of Brian Andersen’s So Super Duper is on sale at the shop at Prism and Indy!!!  The 10 page back-up story that I wrote and created the artwork for is lettered by Ray Caspio (who also has a pin-up illustration in this issue!).  Just click on the preview thumbnail images below to enlarge them.


    All artwork and images ©Kevenn T. Smith 2011

    Another artcard I did was of DC Comic's Batwoman.  For this artcard, I wanted to capture some of the "feel" of J.H. Williams III's art in the Batwoman stories that he illustrates.  This image is now available as prints. Please use the "Contact Me" form at the top-left of this page to request one and inquire further about pricing and sizes.

    4.25 x 5.5 inches cardstock.

    Pencil, ink, Prismacolor pencil.

    Batwoman ©DC Comics 2011

    The third card that I made before WonderCon was of one of my favorites, She-Ra. I also couldn't resist the chance to illustrate the Whispering Woods backgrounds from the She-Ra cartoon again.

    4.25 x 5.5 inches cardstock.

    Pencil, ink, Prismacolor pencil, Prismacolor marker.

    She-Ra ©Mattel 2011

    UPDATE: Brian Andersen wrote about his own experience at WonderCon and mentioned me in the write-up over at Comicbook  Take a look!

    Jan312011 Reviews So Super Duper #11 reviewed So Super Duper issue #11.  They seemed to have liked the issue!  And they were even kind enough to mention my back-up story in it.

    You can still buy So Super Duper #11 at Indy or now also at Prism Comics.  Just search for So Super Duper!


    Prism Comics Mentions So Super Duper #11

    Prism Comics has a short buzz article about the latest issue of So Super Duper  - which is issue #11, and they even mention the back-up I did with Ray Caspio.  Check it out here!

    And remember, you can buy So Super Duper #11 at Indy or now also at Prism Comics.  Just search for So Super Duper!


    So Super Duper #11 Is Now On Sale!!!!!

    It's finally here!  Issue #11 of Brian Andersen's So Super Duper is now on sale at Indy!!!  Not only does this issue contain a riveting story written by Brian Andersen and art by Celina Hernandez, but it also features a 10 page back-up story that I wrote and created the art work for, with lettering by Ray Caspio (who also has a pin-up illustration in this issue!).  Still not convinced you need this issue?  The link at Indy gives you a 6 page preview of the main story, and here, I'm giving you a 2 page preview of my 10 page story.  Just click on the thumbnail images below to enlarge them.  Enjoy!

    And don't forget that you can still buy a t-shirt with my take on Psyche & Comet from my illustration from So Super Duper #10 in various styles (hoodies too!), colors and sizes at, where from now until December 25th, all white apparel is 20% off!

    Psyche & Comet From So Super Duper T-Shirt by Kevenn T. Smith

    So Super Duper 11 TM and © Brian Andersen. All rights reserved.

    All artwork and images ©Kevenn T. Smith 2010