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    Kevenn T. Smith has been drawing since he can remember. As a child, one of his favorite things to do was draw characters from the stories that he loved, including a panoramic visual documentation of all the characters and symbols of Christmas when he was five years old. He was also enamored with the Oz books by L. Frank Baum and the accompanying illustrations by John R. Neill. He proudly carried around a Trapper Keeper covered in drawings of Oz characters that he drew himself, even if the other kids didn’t think it was so cool.

    As a preteen, Kevenn developed a passion for comic books and comic book art. He soaked up images like Norm Breyfogle’s Batman, Jim Balent’s Catwoman and Wonder Woman by George Perez, Jill Thompson, Lee Moder, and Mike Deodato.

    While attending Illinois State University, Kevenn honed his skills as a character designer and designed the looks and costumes for many performances of plays, dance and opera, including the mainstage production of Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Mikado.

    After graduating Magna Cum Laude, Kevenn has produced the wrap-around covers for the 2005 and 2009 issues of Oziana Magazine, the Official Magazine of The International Wizard of Oz Club.  The 2005 issue also included a short story that he illustrated. He contributed a character design for work for The National Organization for Women (NOW). In addition, Kevenn worked with a producer of the independent SciFi thriller film, Socket, to create character designs for a comic book adaptation of the movie.  Kevenn has provided artwork for the 2010 New  York Comic Con Edition of Comedian Kevin Conn’s comic book, Lava-Roid, as well as artwork and writing for the hilariously charming indy comic book, So Super Duper, by San Francisco writer, Brian Andersen. In 2018, Kevenn served as Illustrator and Editor to the humorous self-help book, My Husband is Not a Rainbow: The Brutally Awful, Hilarious Truth About Life, Love, Grief, and Loss by the writer, comic and TEDx Speaker, Kelley Lynn Shepherd, which reached #1 on Amazon's Grief & Bereavement New Releases within twentyfour hours of its release.


    In Cleveland, Kevenn has worked locally as a Costume Designer at Playhouse Square, Talespinner Children's Theatre, Cleveland Public Theater, Theater Ninjas, and Brunswick High School.

    Kevenn has been drawing his own comic books since the age of twelve and is the co-creator of the webcomic, Lucy & Humphrey, with his frequent collaborator, Ray Caspio. Kevenn strives to create works that convey distinctive personalities and diverse appearances and often explores themes such as human equality and sensuality and spiritual identity.