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    "Rainstorm In Prague: The Night Circus" by Kevenn T. Smith

    This past autumn, I had the opportunity of being asked to provide original artowrk for the charity art auction for the One Book Odessa event in Odessa, Texas. This year, the event celebrated Erin Morgenstern's fantastical novel, The Night Circus. Ms Morgenstern even made an appearance at the event. It was a huge success and well attended.

    For my illustration, I wanted to depic one of my favorite scenes in the book. It takes place in Prague, in a rainstorm, and it is the scene where the illusionist, Celia Bowen, learns the true identity of the handsome Marco Alsidair. It's a terribly romantic scene with a magic umbrella that keeps rain off of its holder and warms them up as well.

    The book mentions that the scene takes place near the old astronomical clock in Prague. I've never been to Prague, and this required some research on my part. When scouring pictures of the clock and the surrounding area, I quickly realized why Courtney chose to set the scene where she did. The clock is reminiscent of the intricate and amazing clock that resides in the circus. The sidewalks even appear to be "black and white," which is how the circus in the book is adorned. I also researched the street lamps in Prague in order to accurately depict them. Most of the clothing in this scene isn't decribed, but we are told that Celia is wearing a wine colored dress. Marco is described in the book in at least one place as wearing a brown suit, and I wanted to be as faithful to the text as possible.

    This piece is available as cards, prints, and small posters on!
    ©Kevenn T. Smith 2013
    Pencil, ink, Photoshop


    Holiday Cards by Kevenn T. Smith

    Looking for festive Holiday greeting cards? I have two!

    The first one, Humphrey & Lucy's Happy Holiday, features precocious pups, Humphrey & Lucy breaking into their presents a little early. It's available on!
    Pencil, ink, Prismacolor color pencils, Photoshop
    ©Kevenn T. Smith 2013

    The other Holiday card I offer is called Shh! Santa Scraps is Sneaking, and features Scraps, the Patchwork Girl of Oz, also available at!
    Pencil, Ink, Prismacolor color pencils
    ©Kevenn T. Smith 2013


    Recent and Upcoming Projects

    I know it has been quiet on this site, which means that I've been very busy with projects. I just completed an assignment as the Costume Designer for Theater Ninjas' show, Black Cat Lost, which was written by Obie Award winning playwright, Erin Courtney. The show was also paired with a short ten minute long piece called The Refrain, which I was also responsible for. The show also received a write up in American Theater Magazine.

    I've also been working as the Costume Designer for another show, which also received a write up in American Theater Magazine, called Doug Is a D-Bag and performed at Cleveland Public Theater. It's my first show as a Designer for Cleveland Public Theater, and I couldn't be more excited to work on a show that combines audience texting interaction with hilarious comedic writing. We open the day after Thanksgiving and run for three weeks, so come out and see us!


    Zulana's Adventure Party by Kevenn T. Smith

    This latest piece was originally intended to be an illustration for an all-ages appropriate fantasy anthology comic book. Unfortunately, the comic book didn't materialize, but I had already started the work, and I hate abandoning a project. The lack of a deadline, however, meant that I could really go all-out with a lavish background.

    This piece wouldn't have been possible without some of my very amazing friends who helped to create and serve as models and visual inspiration for these characters: Valhala the young Elven Bow Maker, ancient Elven wizard Elcnu Stoot and his faithful owl Brab, Elven ranger Il'thindar "Thindar" Aoenarian, the Amazon warrior Zulana, Halfling Joan of Orc, Johnson the Orc, D'Arjento Carnifax the Wyrd and his feline familiar Ozymodius, and Dwarven warrior Odin Von Thorenstein. They are shown here against the landscape of Zulana's Amazon Homeland, Estronia. And this will hopefully not be the last you see of these characters...

    This piece prints out at 16 by 20 inches and is available as prints and more at my store.


    Elcnu Stoot & Brab 

    Il'thindar "Thindar" Aoenarian


    Johnson the Orc

    Joan of Orc      

    D'Arjento Carnifax the Wyrd

    Odin Von Thorenstein

    Pencils, ink, Photoshop
    ©Kevenn T. Smith 2013


    Ain't It Cool News Reviews the So Super Duper Complete Collection

    Ain't It Cool News, arguably the biggest pop culture site on the internet, has reviewed the So Super Duper Complete Collection! There's a wonderfully funny interview with So Super Duper creator, writer and artist, Brian Andersen, himself, and the review follows. What is especially thrilling for me, is that out of all the back-up stories that were chosen to be included in the collection, mine was specifically mentioned!

    "It must be said, “Pride Goeth” by Kevenn T. Smith and Ray Caspio has got me thinking that Smith would be a perfect fit for an ongoing series. His perfectly pulpy pencils are a nice fit for such a fun story--just sayin’."

    The So Super Duper Complete Collection is a delightful read, and you can go here to buy either a print version (which utilizes a high quality paper, so the print version is gorgeously produced) or a digital pdf file of the collection.