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    Marla Bea Benefit Comic Book Auction: Wonder Woman & Power Girl

    This piece was penciled by Ray Caspio, and I was the inker and colorist.  We made this piece for the Marla Bea Benefit Comic Book Auction that begins on Monday, October 12, 2009.  All proceeds from the auction will benefit the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics.  I lost a very good and dear friend several years ago to breast cancer, so this is a cause that I feel very strongly about and is very close to me.  I was very happy and proud to be able to participate in this auction, and I hope that our piece will raise a lot of money to contribute in the fight against breast cancer.  Please consider bidding in the auction to support this worthy cause.

    Wonder Woman & Power Girl for Marla Bea Benefit Wonder Woman & Power Girl for Marla Bea Benefit8.75″ x 12″ on Bristol Board
    Ray Caspio:  Pencils
    Kevenn T. Smith:  Inks, Prismacolor Color Pencils, and Prismacolor Markers

    Wonder Woman and Power Girl ©DC Comics 2011


    One More For Wonder Woman Day III

    Not only did I create my own piece of art for Wonder Woman Day III this year (see below), but Ray Caspio and I collaborated together on another piece like we did last year for Wonder Woman Day II.

    This one, based on the ABC TV series starring Lynda Carter, has Private Etta Candy (played by Beatrice Colen) and Yeoman Diana Prince (Lynda Carter, of course), who we wanted to make sure were represented in the auction this year.

    This illustration is available as 8 by 10 inch prints for $20 + $8 shipping on regular photo paper or $25 + $8 shipping on metallic photo paper, which I highly recommend for vastly superior quality. Please use the "Contact Me" form at the left to request one and inquire further about other pricing and size options.

    Etta Figures It Out? by Ray Caspio & Kevenn T. Smith

    Etta Figures it Out?
    8.5″ x 11″ on Bristol Board
    Ray Caspio:  Pencils
    Kevenn T. Smith:  Inks and Colors (Prismacolor)

    Wonder Woman, Diana Prince and Etta Candy ©DC Comics 2011


    Wonder Clubbing For Wonder Woman Day III


    This piece, entitled "Wonder Clubbing," is one that I did for the silent auction for Wonder Woman Day III to benefit two domestic violence shelters and a women's crisis line.  I wanted to do a piece that showed Wonder Woman and her closest friends having fun and enjoying themselves, so I depicted them dancing at a club with a couple of admirers.  One of my goals for this piece was to also include characters close to the hearts of Wonder Woman comic book fans like Artemis, Etta Candy, Donna Troy, and in a way, Circe.

    This illustration is available as prints. Please use the "Contact Me" form at the top-left of this page to request one and inquire further about pricing and sizes.

    Wonder Woman, Donna Troy, Etta Candy, Artemis, and Circe ©DC Comics 2011 


    2008 National NOW Conference

    My frequent collaborator, Ray Caspio, was contacted by a representative of NOW, the National Organization for Women, concerning a Wonder Woman piece that he had posted on his website.  The NOW National Conference: 2008 was coming up, and they wanted to use his Wonder Woman illustration for the cover of their program book.  It was decided that a new character needed to be created for this, for rights purposes, and that's where I came in.  Ray and I talked about what the costume should look like and what goals we wanted to achieve with it.  We wanted to create a new character that had a classic 1940's Golden Age of Comics look, but I wanted to give it a slightly modern twist.  Ray had to use his original illustration as a basis for the illustration for NOW, but with a change in the costume and coloring details.  The design needed to be an homage to Wonder Woman without being Wonder Woman.  I came up with this:

    Ray Caspio then used the costume elements that I came up with and transposed them onto his piece, creating what is now the program cover and image used by NOW to promote the conference, where the theme is "No Capes, No Masks, No Boundaries: Super-Women Unite!"  The design can be viewed in the Illustration Gallery at Ray Caspio's site. 



    DC Comics Heroines 2007

    I thought the best way to get the ball rolling here on my portfolio was to write about one of my favorite pieces I did.

    The goal of this piece was to portray my favorite versions of my favorite DC Comics Heroines, including the costume details and artist depictions of them. I also wanted to try to depict as many characters as I could in a way that was iconic to the character; to try to communicate something about who that character was.

    Some of the artist whose styles I worked to emulate for these characters were: Terry Dodson, Amanda Conner, Nicola Scott, Adam Hughes, Ed Benes, Joe Bennet, Joe Staton, Dale Eaglesham, Brian Bolland, Tony Daniel, Pete Woods, Mike McKone, Michael Turner, Jamal Igle, George Perez, Kevin Maguire, Chris Batista, Phil Jimenez, J.G. Jones, Al Barrionuevo, Daniel Acuna, Matthew Clark, Todd Nauck, Tom Grummet, Bill Willingham, Adriana Melo, and Jesus Saiz.

    What follows is a numbered version of the piece, and below that is the key to the names of the numbered characters:

     DC Heroines 2007 By Kevenn T. Smith ©Kevenn T. Smith 2009


    01. Jade; 02. Raven; 03. Isis; 04. Supergirl (Kara Zor-El);
     05. Supergirl (Linda Danvers); 06. Aquagirl; 07. Ravager;
     08. Batgirl (Barbara Gordon); 09. Speedy; 10. Misfit; 11. Black Canary;
     12. Oracle; 13. Huntress; 14. Big Barda; 15. Lady Blackhawk; 16. Thorn;
     17. Manhunter; 18. Gypsy; 19. The Question (Renee Montoya);
     20. Batwoman; 21. Batgirl (Cassandra Caine); 22. Queen Hippolyta;
     23. Flamebird; 24. Starfire; 25. Power Girl; 26. Sasha Bourdeaux;
     27. Catwoman (Holly Robinson); 28. Catwoman (Selina Kyle); 29. Spoiler;
     30. Bumblebee; 31. Ice; 32. Miss Martian; 33. Wonder Girl;
     34. Earth-2 Wonder Woman; 35. Wonder Woman; 36. Miss America;
     37. Donna Troy; 38. Fury I; 39. Artemis; 40. Vixen; 41. Firehawk;
     42. Hawkgirl; 43. Cyclone; 44. Stargirl; 45. Liberty Belle;
     46. Earth-2 Huntress (Helena Wayne); 47. Phantom Lady; 48. Red Bee;
     49. Empress; 50. Dr. Light II; 51. Skyrocket; 52. Mera; 53. Katana;
     54. Mary Marvel; 55. Crimson Fox; 56. Nightshade; 57. Thunder;
     58. Fire; 59. Natasha Irons; 60. Madame Xanadu; 61. Zatanna;
     62. Enchantress; 63. Grace

     ©DC Comics 2011

    DC Heroines 2007 ©Kevenn T. Smith 2011
    16" x 20"
    Pencil, Ink, Prismacolor Pencil, Tempera, Photoshop

     This illustration is available as prints. Please use the "Contact Me" form at the top-left of this page to request one and inquire further about pricing and sizes.

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