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    Entries in Wonder Woman (15)


    "The Lasso Is Mightier..." by Kevenn T. Smith

    This is a new illustration of Wonder Woman that I've done that I call "The Lasso Is Mightier..."  I'm one of those people that thinks Wonder Woman is so much cooler because the only things she really needs in order to get the job done is her lasso, bracelets, tiara, and powers.  All the other stuff like swords, spears, axes, and armor - they're cool for someone like Xena or Red Sonya, but what makes Wonder Woman so wondrous is that she can take on armies, monsters, villains, and gods with just a few tools.  Yes, she's THAT good!

    This illustration is available as prints. Please use the "Contact Me" form at the top-left of this page to request one and inquire further about pricing and sizes.

    Pencil, ink, Prismacolor color pencil, Photoshop.

    Wonder Woman ©DC Comics 2010


    Wonder Woman Day V: Transformation At Horror Hall by Kevenn T. Smith

    Once again, I am participating in the charity auction for Wonder Woman Day V, 2010.  The auction will benefit Bradley Angle as well as other domestic violence programs.  I continue to participate in this event because this cause is very important to me, and I hope you will consider bidding on my piece to help raise money for it.

    As per my usual M.O., I want to continue to depict an empowered Wonder Woman who takes joy in her life and what she does.  I also wanted to do a follow up to my piece last year, which had She-Ra in it.  As I noted last year, Wonder Woman and She-Ra seem to contain some analogues in their Rogues Gallery, and I couldn't resist taking a crack at another pairing.  I also love to put out more images of Wonder Woman and She-Ra working together, as opposed to fighting each other.  Right now, the Wonder Woman comic book is being written by J. Michael Straczynski, who also wrote many episodes of the She-Ra: Princess of Power cartoon series by Filmation, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2010.  I definitely wanted to do another  piece with She-Ra to help contribute to the passing of that occasion.

    Wonder Woman's designed changed a little from last year's piece.  I wanted to simplify her outfit just a tad to make her more similar to the level of She-Ra's design, so I opted to leave off the diagonal side seams on her boustier.  I also went with a more Lynda Carter-esque design on the boots, as opposed to the early Terry Dodson "w" shaped top cut to the boots.  In addition, I rounded the edges of her bracelets.  She-Ra's bracelets were also smoothed a little on the cuffs, and I added the raised circlet on the center of her choker that the Masters of the Universe Classics She-Ra figure by Mattel had.

    Circe's design was a combination of the way she appeared as Terry Dodson drew her in the Heinberg-written issues of Wonder Woman, as well as the DC Direct action figure based on Dodson's designs.  Shadow Weaver remained largely true to her Filmation depiction, but I wanted to "fancy" her up just a bit to bring her closer to the level of detail and design that the other characters in the piece had.  I gave her a corset , still in red, but in a deeper red than her dress she wears, and gave it a shinier texture.  In some early artwork of Shadow Weaver, her belt was a gold or yellow, so I went with that interpretation of her belt and added a row of spikes to it as an homage to a custom Shadow Weaver figure that I own made by Scott Falappi.  I also depicted her with the wand that she used in the second season She-Ra episode, "The Caregiver."

    Because Circe and Shadow Weaver are both very formidable and dark opponents in each of their respective franchises, I wanted to set the piece in a more dangerous setting, and Shadow Weaver's Horror Hall base, set on top of a volcano, was just the ticket.  In preparing for this piece, I did a lot of research on Horror Hall and looked at shots of all the incredibly beautiful backgrounds used in the cartoon series.  I also looked at different elements and creatures who were associated with Shadow Weaver in the series, such as her vulture, Syrax, her servants, her bird-like spy, and vermin that lived in the tunnels of Horror Hall.  Ultimately, I didn't feel like they would contribute to the composition of the piece, and I wanted to refrain from doing "too much."  I opted to depict the main "hall" and what looks to be Shadow Weaver's library, which seemed to be used the most, while taking elements from the background paintings made for the series, as well as adding several "easter eggs" for fans of the Princess of Power show and original Mattel toyline.

    For sale as T-shirts, Skirts, Hoodies, Kids' & Babies' Clothes, Posters, Throw Pillows, Tote Bags, Studio Pouches, Mugs, Travel Mugs, Photographic Prints, Art Prints, Framed Prints, Canvas Prints, Metal Prints, Greeting Cards, Laptop Skins and more! Please use the "Contact Me" form at the top-left of this page to request and inquire about pricing and size options.

    Click on the picture to see a full-sized image:

    Transformation At Horror Hall

    11.5 x 8 inches Bristol Board.

    Pencil, ink, & Prismacolor pencil.

    Wonder Woman and Circe ©DC Comics 2010

     She-Ra ©Mattel 2010

     Shadow Weaver ©Classic Media 2010


    Now available as a print from!


    Wonder Spin: Bronze Age Artcard by Kevenn T. Smith

    My Wonder Woman work seems to be the most popular with people who know of my art, and since I haven't had a Wonder Woman artcard available for a while, I thought it was time to put a new one out there.  Usually, when I draw Wonder Woman, I depict the Modern Age version.  I'm a big fan of the costume the way Terry Dodson re-designed it, so that's why that look is usually my go-to version of the costume.  However, for this artcard, I felt it was time to do something different, and that's why I ended up going with the Bronze Age Wonder Woman when she still had the eagle instead of the later double "w" symbol.

    And what could be a more fun way of depicting Bronze Age Wonder Woman than in a Lynda Carter inspired Wonder Spin?  Another way that I like to depict Wonder Woman, is smiling.  I like the idea of a Wonder Woman who loves life and enjoys what she does.  My ideal Wonder Woman is happy.

    This artcard and all the other artcards I’ve done are all original hand-made works and can be purchased or $15 plus shipping ($4.95 USPS Priority Shipping – international shipping will be calculated upon an individual order).

    4.25 x 5.5 inches cardstock.

    Pencil, ink, Prismacolor pencil, Prismacolor marker.

    Wonder Woman ©DC Comics 2011


    Built Like An Amazon: Artemis of Bana Mighdall Artcard by Kevenn T. Smith

    This artcard showcases Artemis of Bana Mighdall in her Requiem costume that seems to have made a comeback in DC Comics' recent publications.  Artemis is from the Middle Eastern tribe of Amazons from the hidden city of Bana Mighdall.  At one point, Artemis ended up beating Princess Diana of Themiscyra for the title of Wonder Woman.  Artemis served as Wonder Woman for a short time.  The Amazon sorceress, Magala, had put a spell on Diana on the behest of Queen Hippolyta that would transfer half of Diana's strength and speed when they were near each other.  Artemis' stint as Wonder Woman was short-lived, and she was killed by the villain, The White Magician.  However, death cant keep a tough Amazon down, and Artemis ended up clawing her way out of hell and her own grave.

    Artemis has proven to be a popular character in the Wonder Woman franchise.  She's more headstrong and less compassionate than Diana, but her heart is in the right place.  She ended up becoming the leader of the Bana Mighdall Amazons on Themiscyra.  Aretmis has just returned to Themiscyra in the Wonder Woman title, and her future roll remains to be seen.

    For this piece, I went back to Ed Benes' original drawings of Artemis in the Requiem miniseries, as well as Nicola Scott's take on the costume in the recent Secret Six storyline.  In some of Benes' early drawings, he had the green lining at the decolletage make a "w" shape.  I like that element to help visually tie Artemis into the Wonder Woman family, and as a former Wonder Woman, I believe she's entitled to wear a "w" symbol - even a simplified one.  I left of the skull on her headband because I thought that element was excessively 90's.  Instead, I opted to repeat the tripple-arrow "A" symbol that the Requiem costume has on the sternum area.  I really liked the seams and the side-lacing that Nicola Scott added to the costume in the Secret Six issues, as well as the kneecap armor she gave the boots.  The sword is the special demon killer sword that Artemis ended up having in the Byrne run of Wonder Woman that was also included as an accessory to the Artemis action figure that DC Direct made.

    This artcard is available as cards, postcards, and a small matted print at!
    Artemis of Bana Mighdall by Kevenn T. Smith ©Kevenn T. Smith 2009

    4.25 x 5.5 inches cardstock.

    Pencil, ink,  and Prismacolor pencil.

    Artemis ©DC Comics 2011


    Amazing Amazon - A Wonder Woman Art Event

    My piece for Wonder Woman Day #4, "Here, Kitty!  Kitty!" is being exhibited in the Amazing Amazon exhibit at the Lara Sydney Framing Gallery in Portland, Oregon.  It will be available for viewing between October 1 and October 24.  On the 25th, it will be available for bidding at the charity auction for Wonder Woman Day #4.