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    Entries in Great Rebellion (13)


    More Great Rebellion Artwork by Kevenn T. Smith

    In adding to my Great Rebellion Collection, there are now two more characters that haven't appeared in prior releases. "Brightmoon' Angelic Queen" and "Light's Crystalline Hope" depict Queen Angella and Light Hope. Both are available on t-shirts, hoodies, kids' clothes, stickers, iPad/iPhone cases, throw pillows and totes at my Store. Also available is an Etherian Landscape piece which will serve as a backdrop for all of the characters in one large print. The backdrop(sans characters) is available now on posters, prints, and cards because some fans requested it in order to use as a backdrop for their action figure collections. It's also available on a duvet cover. Click on the pictures below to be taken to the item at my store.

    "Brightmoon's Angelic Queen (Pink)" by Kevenn T. Smith has Queen Angella with pink tinged color in her wings, which is an homage to the pink wings of the vintage action figure.
    "Brightmoon's Angelic Queen (White)" by Kevenn T. Smith is offered for those who want her with the all white wings that she appeared with in the cartoon.
    "Light's Crystalline Hope" by Kevenn T. Smith depicts the character Light Hope with his "column of colored light" form that he appeared as in the cartoon the most along with the corporeal "Crystal Castle Man" design for him released in the Masters of the Universe Classics action figure line.
    And finally, also available is "Etherian Landscape" by Kevenn T. Smith.

    All images are hand drawn in pencil, hand inked, and digitally colored in Photoshop.
    ©2014 Kevenn T. Smith
    All characters ©Mattel


    "Razzle Dazzle" by Kevenn T. Smith

    Another Great Rebellion illustration is now available at my RedBubble store! You can get this illustration of Madame Razz & Broom by themselves on t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, stickers, kid clothes, tote bags, throw pillows, iPhones cases, and iPad cases. Click on the picture below to be taken to the page.


    Great Rebellion T-Shirts by Kevenn T. Smith

    I have been working on this series since the beginning of 2012. And while I wanted to debut it all as a massive print with a large amount of characters, perhaps this is the best way to get the ball rolling. The She-Ra: Princess of Power cartoon was a huge influence on me as a child in my development as an artist, a person with a moral center, my strong belief in feminine empowerment, and my sense of aesthetics. Alongside the cartoon was an action figure line that I wasn't allowed to own and had to surreptitiously play with my sister's collection, which included amazing design details that had to be simplified and excised for the purposes of animation.

    With this series, I'm trying to come up with my "ultimate" versions of these characters that takes my favorite design elements from all of the various depictions of these characters, (Filmation cartoon, vintage action figures, vintage style guide, vintage production art and advertisement art, vintage coloring books, the current Masters of the Universe Classics figures, and original design elements) and bring them all into one cohesive series. The first entry is the core members of the Great Rebellion on a t-shirt (in various sizes, styles, colors and available in kids' clothes and on stickers!) or totebags, throw pillows, iPhone & iPad cases: She-Ra, Bow, Princess Glimmer, Madame Razz & Broom, Kowl, Loo-Kee, and Light Hope. Click on the pictures to be taken to my RedBubble store where you can purchase a t-shirt (or other products offered) of "Rebel Core."

     ©2014 Kevenn T. Smith
    All characters ©Mattel & Classic Media
    Pencil, ink, Photoshop

    ©2014 Kevenn T. Smith
    All characters ©Mattel & Classic Media
    Pencil, ink, Photoshop

    Other T-Shirts (and kids' clothes and stickers and tote bags and throw pillows and iPhone/iPad cases!) are available, such as this one with a slightly different version of She-Ra called "The Light of the Valkyrie's Hope."

    ©2014 Kevenn T. Smith
    All characters ©Mattel & Classic Media 
    Pencil, ink, Photoshop


    ©2014 Kevenn T. Smith
    All characters ©Mattel and Classic Media
    Pencil, ink, Photoshop

    Loo-Kee by himself in "Here I Am!"

    ©2014 Kevenn T. Smith
    Loo-Kee ©Mattel
    Pencil, in, Photoshop

    And Kowl by himself in "The Owl Knows."

    ©2014 Kevenn T. Smith
    Kowl ©Mattel
    Pencil, ink, Photoshop

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